Prashant Gupta

Java Programmer & Android Developer

Prashant Gupta | Portfolio

Prashant Gupta | Portfolio

Skills and achievements

  • Java, JSP, Servlets
  • Android Development
  • Docker, Ansible, Vagrant
  • Agile Methodology
  • Hibernate, AJAX, REST
  • Ruby On Rails
  • MySQL


  • 2+ Years
  • My Work 1

IBM Middleware Intern

Worked as an Emerging Technology Institute Intern, on middleware technologies.

My Contributions:

  • Worked with Docker containers and IBM Container Service along with IBM DevOps Service Pipeline.
  • Helped deploy a Traditional IBM Websphere App (Daytrader) onto Bluemix (IBM's cloud initiative).
  • Published a YouTube video (link below) demonstrating the effectiveness of IBM's Websphere to Cloud Migration toolkits.
Years: June 2015 - Present
Technologies: Docker, DevOps Pipeline, Websphere, Bluemix, Camtasia
YouTube video - Code and Config Changes for Moving to IBM Bluemix
  • 2+ Years
  • My Work 1
  • My Work 1

Software Engineer

Worked primarily on a Java based Honeywell proprietary framework called Niagara for over 2 years.

My Contributions:

  • Designing and developing core components for Opus, a project based on Niagara.
  • Designing and developing new components for a web based project which required the use of technologies like HTML5, CSS and javascript, for a period of six months.
  • Estimating, designing and developing user stories given by the product owner following the Agile methodology.
  • Key contributor in a Patent currently filed under the US patents office, called Multisite Version and Upgrade Management System.
Years: August 2011 - June 2014
Patent: Multisite Version and Upgrade Management System - United States HW0041091
What's Niagara all about
  • My Work 2
  • My Work 2

Software Intern


Fully responsible for developing a core Java software capable of converting a Microsoft access database file(.mdb) into an XML file containing the same device information.

My Contribution:

  • Analyzed DOM and SAX parsing techniques.
Time: January 2011 - June 2011
My Work 1 IBM Middleware Intern
My Work 2 Software Engineer
My Work 3 Software Intern


Ring-Message Android App

Key points:

  • Select a contact, save a message
  • When they call, you see that message!
  • Have a message for each contact saved
Take me to the app!


  • A simple app, which lets you select a contact, and save a message for them.
  • Whenever they call you, or you call them, the message appears on your phone screen, serving as a reminder.
  • To delete a message, just select the same contact and press, 'Delete message'.
  • Currently supporting all android versions above 4.1.

Year: 2015

Gradiance Tool

Technologies used:

  • JDBC
  • Oracle 11g
  • SQL queries
  • PBKFD2
What's PBKFD2?


  • Developed a site similar to, which is an automated online accelerated learning tool
  • Extensive use of Oracle, JDBC and SQL concepts.
  • Used PBKFD2 for hashing while saving passwords for enhanced authentication
  • Unique options given to students on each retry, hence removing the idea of remembering the correct option.
  • Also giving freedom to the professor in setting up the questions, the level of difficulty, and also the topic from which to give.
  • Students also have the option to see past submissions

Year: 2014

Simple DB


  • Buffers, Blocks and Pages
  • GClock policy
  • Implemented Buffer Manager
  • Concurrent HashMaps for synchronized access
  • Implemented basic ARIES Recovery management
What's ARIES?


SimpleDB is a multi-user transactional database server written in Java, which interacts with Java client programs via JDBC. Some of the things implemented were:

  • The G-Clock replacement policy - an extension of the Clock policy.
  • Kept a Map of allocated buffers, keyed on the block they contained.
  • Revised SimpleDB so that it used blocks as the elements of recovery.
  • Extensive use of Oracle, JDBC and SQL concepts.

Year: 2014

Mouse Mover App


  • Multi-Threading environment
  • Extensive use of threading concepts like join
  • Java Swings for UI design
  • Robot class
What's Robot?


Mouse Mover app is a simple yet highly useful app in Java using multi-threading which moves the mouse pointer after a fixed interval, thus keeping the computer active without human effort. Another thread checks when computer has been left idle, then executes the mouse mover thread. Some of the things implemented were:

  • Idle time checking - One thread checks whether computer is left idle or not.
  • Mouse movement after specific time.

Year: 2012

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